“I've lost a lot of sleep to dreams.”

— The Roots


Bishop Romero Ortega, is a documentarian and conceptual artist from Phoenix, Arizona who tells stories primarily through film and photography but also works in various kinds of mediums. Currently lives with his wife and 4 children in Cary N.C. He recently received his Master in Fine Arts in Experimental and Documentary Arts atDuke University. As a Documentarian and Artist, I am seeking to tell stories inNon-Western and European ways.  Stories of people and events forgotten and not talked about, in order to ask questions and raise awareness. These stories have no intended political slant or affiliation. I try to avoid social fads and causes that easily burn out and are quickly replaced by the next trending movement. It is my hope to create work that allows people to slow down and think, before responding.  

He enjoys collaborating and creating with other artist and although he likes digital photography he says, "there's nothing like the closing shutter sound from his Hasselblad 500cm." He views himself more as Conceptual Artist than a film maker or photographer, the latter being his primary mediums. 

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